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Determining power requirements for an AC Motor

  1. Jan 25, 2010 #1
    I am trying to determine the power requirements for an AC Motor for a Plunger type wave maker.

    Attached is the layout of the plunger and tank.

    The formulas that I think might be involved in solving this problem are below:
    P.E = mgh
    W= F x d
    Power= W/time
    Pressure= F/ area

    What I know(guesstimates to try help me understand the problem) :
    Volume of plunger =.125m3 => amount of water displaced by plunger = 125kgs of water
    Distance = 50cm = plunger moves from start position 50cm downwards.
    Time= 1 sec for plunger to move downward 50cm.
    10000kg of water in the tank.
    Horizontal force of water in tank= 375kg force per unit area = 3678.75 N

    What I don't know:
    How is Force calculated in this situation
    Which of the above formula(if any) can be used in figuring this out
    Does it make a difference that the external force used to move the water is acting vertically rather than horizontally?

    Any idea anyone?

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