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Development of a thermodynamic property database hydrocarbons

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    Hiya guys,

    I've just started a project, of which the aim is to develop a thermodynamic property database for hydrcarbon fuels.

    I've been asked to start by reading up on the maxwell relationships and clapeyron equation etc. so hopefully this will give you an idea of what I am trying to develop.

    I don't have a specific question because I am at a bit of a loss on this one at the moment.

    Does anyone have any salient advice for what the database should be able to predict, specific heats, phase etc..

    Also I have been asked to find some properties/data on isooctane, does anybody know of a good source where I can find some info on this?

    Any advice would be a huge help, thanks in advance.

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    Andy Resnick

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