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Device to measure Planck's constant

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    Hi people,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any commercial device to measure directly Planck's constant. I mean no use of indirect measurements, just to press a button and for the number to appear in a screen.

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    I do not mean that obviously. I have a reason to measure the Planck's constant, but I indent to do the minimum number of indirect measurements most devices need.
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    I know of no way that Planck constant can be measured directly.In fact I think that is not possible.
    But about measuring Planck constant by just pushing a button,maybe someone makes a device which does the photoelectric experiment and does the calculations itself!!!!!!
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    Thanks anyway. Can somebody indicate me a good device to measure it by doing the photoelectric experiment, being quite precise, but not that much expensive? I know I may be asking too much
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    Try That Paper.
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    Thanks dauto. I already knew about this paper.
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