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Dick Clark died today

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    Dick Clark died today. How sad, he was only in his teens.
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    RIP Dick.
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    I didn't like his shows, but he seemed to be a nice guy and he gave some musicians a shot, even if they were forced to lip-synch to pre-recorded tracks. Lots of TV was that way back then, even the really big shows, so he would have been swimming against the tide to force anything else.
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    I'll miss him on New Years Eve and the ball drop. He hosted it for many years, even after his strokes. Great man!
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    My uncle was a camera operator for ABC for many years. My cousin just sent me this picture of him wiring Dick Clark for sound.
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    Wow, that's a keeper. Any idea what year?
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    Judging from the photo, I'd say Mr. Clark is about 18. Since he looked to be about 19 when he died, I'd guess it was last year. I'll ask my cousin to verify.
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    My cousin doesn't know. It's obviously late 50s. My uncle would be about 37, Clark about 30. My uncle was a very generous and loving man. My son was born soon after he died and was named after him.
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    I'm surprised no one has posted his most memorable words:

    “Music is the soundtrack of our lives.”

    ― Dick Clark

    I heard him say this in a TV interview many years ago, and I was struck by how apt it was. We associate periods of our lives extremely closely with whatever music was surrounding us at the time. That music later becomes a mnemonic, reminding us of those earlier times when we re-encounter it.
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    RIP young man.
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