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Difference between matter and mass

  1. Jan 4, 2012 #1
    please ...I need to explain to my daughter the difference between matter and mass....no definitions...an analogy will be good..:)
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    Re: Matter

    Mass is an essential quality of matter, so the two are very related. Perhaps a good analogy is to food and calories. All food has calories like all mater has mass. Like mass, the amount of calories a food has depends on the type and quantity of food.
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    Re: Matter

    Or you could describe it being like currency, you get different values of currency, you have a variety or values of coins and notes.

    Then the quantity of these determines how much money you actually have
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    Re: Matter

    An important piece of information for us to know is how old is your daughter? The answers you may get would be very different if she turned out to be 6 compared to 16 for example.
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