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Difference between Oudin coil and Tesla coil

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    So, how do Oudin coils differ from Tesla coils, and how do they operate? All I have been able to determine is that the primary coil as well as the secondary coil is grounded, and that the primary and secondary seem to be one and the same, although I'm not even sure about that. Every website I go to has a different crude sketch of an Oudin coil, and none say much about how they operate.
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    According to Wikipedia the Oudin coil uses part of the resonator as the primary coil, whereas Tesla coils have two galvanically insulated coils.

    Tesla coils are operated by exiting the primary loop, which induces a current to the secondary. Odin coils are also operated by exiting the "the primary loop" which is part of the "secondary".

    Both can create awsum sparks, but I'd recommend Tesla coils for other uses such as creating and maintaining high voltage electric fields.
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