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Difference equation vs differential equation

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    Im trying to go back and relearn material from a signals class I took to prepare for my controls class.

    In the controls class we always deal with CT systems, whereas in the systems class we focused on DT.

    My prof derived a frequency response that was H(w) = 1/(1-a*exp(i*w)).

    This dint look farmiliar as in my controls class we never have exponentials in the frequency response.

    The complex exponential in the Freq response came from y(n) = y(n-1) + x(n), more particularly the y(n-1) part. Now im guessing the reason this doenst look farmiliar to my controls work is that we always use CT in controls, so there will never be a y(n-1) in our answer. So my question is: What is the CT parallel for the DT term y(n-1)? What makes a CT model have a complex exponential in the solution (aside from actually having y(t) = y(t-1), as y(t-1) doesnt mean the same thing in DT as CT)?

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    no one?
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    i think that the i.f t is coming from ..
    so take f.t
    That's it i think where exp comes where no unit step function is found here
    any question again if you need ...
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