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Differential equations

  1. Sep 15, 2012 #1
    Unfortunately I am unable to fit a first course in differential equations into my schedule, therefore I have opted to self study the said course. I am looking for a textbook appropriate for an introduction into differential equations that isn't too ambiguous to tackle on my own. I am an EE major wanting to expand my knowledge in quantum mechanics on the side (the amount of quantum mechanics for my degree is minute, so I am self-teaching what I can.)
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    Also, any other math textbooks that will aid with quantum mechanics is appreciated
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    I thimk that Dover publications would suit you pretty nicely. Search for their books on ODEs (tanenbaum) and PDEs (farlow). As for QM, you could use Zettil, Ballentine or Griffiths. A search in the forum's previous threads would be a good option too :P
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    One more thing: I was under the impression qm dealt a lot with statistics/probability, however, the majority of undergraduate qm courses dont require a statistics course as a prereq. Why is that?
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    Because quantum mechanics only uses very simple aspects of probability theory, so it is easily covered in class.
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