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Differentiation of exp(xy) wrt x

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    Please help

    Differentiate exp(xy) w.r.t x

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    You need to show your work/attempt.

    And is y a function of x, or are x and y independent variables?
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    differentiate implicitly

    exp(xy) = 0

    i thought i would write it out but i dont know how to write the mathmatical symbols on screen
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    Okay, then, use a (') to show a derivative. For example, y' will be the derivative of y w.r.t x.

    Do you know how to differentiate the exponential function?
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    It sort of (but not quite) looks like you're differentiating exp(x)exp(y) rather than exp(xy). Those two are not equal.

    What's the derivative of exp(f(x))?
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    i dont know i think thats my problem
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    i presume f'(x)*exp(f(x))
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    That's correct!

    Now substitute f(x) = xy. What do you get?
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    ah thanks just forgot this simple derivation
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    There is a problem with your implicit equation there: exp(xy) is never zero, it only approaches it asymptotically. (So technically, the surface doesn't exist, so neither does the derivative!)

    But otherwise, you can just do what you did to get a derivative for other surfaces of exp(xy), e.g. exp(xy) = 5, which will produce a surface, and so the derivative will exist and you'd get the same derivative as if you tried to differentiate exp(xy) = 0.
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    i didnt give the whole equation because i could take the derivatives of the other functions
    the full equation is x + y + exp(xy) = 0
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