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I [Diffraction] Can a glass slide magnify an object on it?

  1. May 19, 2016 #1
    I have the following optical setup, in which the goal is to record the diffraction pattern of a sample on an image detector some distance away. In this particular case, the sample is sitting on a standard microscope glass slide.

    Now, after recording the diffraction pattern, I numerically back-propagate it (using the angular spectrum method) to the sample plane. The distance between the image detector and sample is ~10 mm. However, in order to reproduce the original image of the sample, I need to numerically back-propagate 40 mm.

    I'm not sure why this might be happening, so I was wondering: Could it be possible that the glass slide is effectively magnifying the diffraction pattern of the sample? If not, why would there be such a large discrepancy between the actual physical distance, and the numerically propagated distance?
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    What do you record with your image detector?
    Do you have any phase information. If not, then you cannot reconstruct the original object.
    What do you mean by "back-propagate"?
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