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Digital circuit: multiplying 2 binary numbers

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    "Design a digital circuit that multiplies two binary numbers by the repeated addition method (to mult. 5x4, the digi system evaluates the product by adding the multiplicand fours times: 5+5+5+5=20). Let the multiplicand be in register BR, the multiplier in reg AR, the product in reg PR. An adder circuit adds the contents of BR to PR. A zero-detection circuit Z checks when AR becomes 0 after each time that it is decremented."
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    Welcome to PF, SFighter. It sounds like this question should be posted in the Homework forums:


    When you post a homework question, you should show the work you've done to try to figure out the answer. Like on this problem, show how much of the circuit you've figured out, and what you are having trouble understanding.
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    Nevermind - me and a friend just figured it out (ASM related)
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