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Dipole Dipole and Lewis Dot structes

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    Why doesn't HOOH dipole dipole forces?

    I read that if a molecule has an Oxygen atom, it's likely to have dipole forces. This one only has Dispersion forces.

    Also, why does the Lewis structure of this molecule NOT look like this:

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    Because the dipoles cancel out. (e.g., [tex] CO_2 [/tex] is nonpolar, but contains polar bonds).

    The component dipole moments of [tex] H_2O_2 [/tex] simply cancel out, and it has no net dipole moment.
    You see, hydroxyl groups contain a partially positively charged hydrogen and a partially negatively charged oxygen.

    Draw the direction of each dipole moment, and you will have two antiparallel H -|--> O equal in magnitude but opposite in direction (as vectors). As in vector addition, these two dipole moments will cancel each other out (you have a zero vector for net dipole).
    Consider formal charge, and the usual valence of oxygen atoms. (http://www.westga.edu/~chem/courses/chem1212slattery/contents/chapter8-all/img031.gif [Broken])
    (Hint: Oxygen | [itex] 1 s ^2 2 s^2 2 p^4 [/itex] )
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