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Djinns in Sci-Fi and Myth

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    The other day i accidentally saw this book at amazon web site and bought it via kindle.. then became interested in the djinns and especially movies about them. I watched Jinn 2014.. what other good Jinn movies have you seen?

    And where do you think the Djinns originated in the mythology?

    In Guiley book "The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links between Djinns, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities", she mentioned the following (short excerpt):

    "Most abductees report some or all of the following in their experiences. They are all related to the Djinn:

    *Shadow People, often with hats, capes and hoods, of varying sizes, sometimes with blue glows of light around them
    *Shadowy animal or animal-like forms
    *Materialization of beings through walls, windows, floors, etc.
    *Paralysis in bed
    *"Dreams" that are not derams
    *Flashing ligths and balls of light, especially inside homes and in bedroom
    *Poltergeist effects in homes such as footsteps, pounding and knocking, lights and applicances being switched on and off
    *Tingling sensations, disembodied voices, and buzzing, humming, clikcing, and roaring sounds
    *Vehicle problems
    *Reptilian and giant insectoids forms"

    The author has been warned during a night of three-year investigation of an intensely haunted and problem-plagued piece of land in the Eastern part of the United States: "This is my land. I am ancient. I was here before you. I do not like you here. Leave. If you do not, I will make you miserable until you do".

    A question about physics regarding the sci fi movie about them and even the myth. Is there nothing left in the final theory in physics that can accomodate entities from other dimensions? If you are a mentor or Sci Adviser. Relax, this is just a question as relate to sci-fi and myth and not in any way to question your Standard Model (and Supersymmetry) which you so protect at the exclusion of all others (automatically deleting posts that may threaten your daily views).
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    Then you know that your question is nonsense already before you even ask it since this is science fiction/fantasy reviews forum and there is no physics.
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