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DMZ and NAS - risky?

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    i've just got a home NAS and it has an option to use it as a FTP server, but if i want to use it as one, i need to set its ip to be the "DMZ computer" in router's settings.

    i know it's a security risk for computers, but is it also for a NAS? i can set the precise username and password for those that will be connecting, and that user will only have access to specified folder and nothing else.

    what could go wrong?*

    * sarcasm not specifically excluded
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    i would very strongly advise against placing anything in the DMZ on the router. This opens up the system to the internet and can potentially cause problems. Allowing full access from the internet will afford a malicious user the opportunity to access your NAS' administration page which is dangerous.
    The best option, if you want to run an ftp, is assign your NAS a static IP address and setup port forwarding on the router and forward all data on port 21 to your NAS. THis will let you access your ftp with minimal risk.
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    that's a good idea.
    let me try :)

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    I would also advise to Port Forwarding. DMZ can be useful on a temporary basis though.
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    In a FTP server, everything is transmitted in clear text over the network. So, the username and the password can be easily sniffed.
    I suggest you set up a SSH server on the computer (in order to use SCP); and forget the FTP server on the NAS.
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