DNA waves and water

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"DNA waves and water"

Hello all,

I've tried to keep in touch with the physics world in my life beyond academics and I came across this paper:


On one hand I think "this guy is a Nobel prize winner" and on the other hand I am thinking "Oh no not messages in water / bach homeopathic remedies again". I am a bit of a skeptic in these matters and I have been looking over this experiment to see if I could suss out another explanations for the results. One thing that struck me as a bit off was that he is assuming the electrical activities of simple life can be modeled as simple background EM yet he intends to measure very small amounts of energy. Also I am not sure how he is getting such low frequencies from a small device unless he is plugging in some assumptions that are not true in this case.

Perhaps someone with more of an eye toward these things could point out why this experiment behaves the way that it does.

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He is a crackpot. The only difference between him and most other crackpots is that he is a Nobel laureate.
Note that there are plenty of examples of distinguished scientists that turned into crackpots as they got older (including a few Nobel laureates) so this is nothing new.