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Do Professionals Do Drugs?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm sure the thread title sparked an interest in some of you and may seem bizarre to others. I began to smoke marijuana at the age of 17 (I'm 19 now), and I must say that I do enjoy smoking and the camaraderie that accompanies it. Now I've never done any other drugs but the use of marijuana has differently encouraged me to want to experiment with other drugs and also do plenty of research on other drugs. I also have to mention that after watching movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I've been tempted to replicate their lifestyle. I still firmly believe in getting an education and striving to be a great Engineer. Now besides the drug tests that can set back your career, do you guys think that it's okay to enjoy doing drugs as a professional? I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student hoping to one day be an Imagineer for the Walt Disney World Resort, and sometimes feel out of place because I smoke marijuana.

    Any insight on this topic?
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    Not if they have an ounce of sense.

    Grow up and quit doing drugs already.

    You're like a piano player who amuses himself by doing Bishop's knife trick in Aliens. Not smart.
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    I have always said I would be a hardcore drug fiend when I turn about 80. But I am neither a professional nor a person that does drugs now.

    Once you're past 70, just let yourself go.
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    None of the scientists I've ever known well use illegal drugs (or they didn't feel comfortable sharing that info).

    Alcohol - yes, I'd say about 50% drink.

    I only remember one who was a smoker, as well.
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    No. Please stop using drugs.
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    What principles do you stand by?
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    Sorry, we don't allow threads where people discuss doing illegal drugs. Someone could recognize you and destroy your career. It's always stupid to admit to illegal activities on the internet.
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    Quit now, and quit smoking.

    If one wishes to be an engineer, doing drugs or otherwise engaging in illegal activities are contrary to that goal.

    In many professions, there is a requirement for 'fitness of duty,' in addition to a requirement for ethical conduct. Engineering is one of those professions.
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