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Do you answer every problem in textbooks?

  1. Jan 21, 2014 #1
    When trying to learn/review by using textbooks? do you usually answer everything or you just answer till you think you understand well enough?
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    There isn't enough time in the world to answer every single problem you find in a textbook. Generally, I just answer a few from each section than direct my study depending on which areas need more work. After that, I move to the challenge problems.

    How many you should do from each section depends on how long the problems take, how well you know the material, etc.
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    If this is a graduate level textbook or advanced undergraduate level textbook then yes (with the exception of Jackson and MTW). If it's a lower division textbook then there are way too many problems on average to even attempt solving them all; in such a case I just try to solve the hardest ones.
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    Ok thanks for the advice. I was trying to review the fundamentals of physics(because I haven't done any physics in a year) through University Physics by young and freedman and I got "I know how to solve this but should answer anyway just in case" and this became a cycle but I thought that maybe I would miss something important if I don't solve everything. Thanks guys
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