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Do you think the aliens will accept me?

  1. May 18, 2010 #1
    I'm feeling a bit shamed by the human race currently do you think I could defect to the martians? Has anyone else ever wondered if it was possible to be relocated to a planet with smart people? I mean really what did I do wrong to be stuck here with ya'll?
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  3. May 18, 2010 #2


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    But then you'd be the dumbest person in the world
  4. May 18, 2010 #3


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    People like you are meant to be on this planet... You know, to keep it balanced! :biggrin:
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    We were all wondering how we got stuck with you.
  6. May 18, 2010 #5


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    What are you doing asking a bunch of shameful imbeciles questions? Wouldn't you be better off asking the aliens directly? :wink:

    Also, using correct punctuation will help us idiots understand your superior intellect.
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    Right, don't you know it's y'all, not ya'll?
  8. May 18, 2010 #7
    No I don't believe aliens will care how well I spell english in fact even using it may be a reason for rejection :(
  9. May 18, 2010 #8
    Why ? To feel even more ashamed than you already are ?
  10. May 18, 2010 #9
    I'm fine with feeling ashamed. Living on a planet where they spin magnets to generate power I am not...
  11. May 18, 2010 #10
    If it's any help, I don't think you're any smarter than we are. How's this?

    Currently, I'm feeling a bit ashamed of the human race. Do you think I could defect to the Martians? Has anyone else ever wondered if it were possible to be relocated to a planet with smart people? I mean really, what did I do wrong to be stuck here with you?
  12. May 18, 2010 #11
    Doesn't carry the same effect... Anyhow all I really was trying to start up was a thread for people who feel like aliens in a world full of humans.
  13. May 18, 2010 #12
    If you don't feel human, may I respectfully suggest therapy ? You may have a hard time coping with the rest of us.
  14. May 18, 2010 #13
    You can't say that the effect you carried was all that good.
  15. May 18, 2010 #14
    Oh believe me I do have a hard time coping with y'all but I must so I do. I should just move to rain forest and hope it doesn't get chopped down to power a train that takes people to new places. However unrealistic that is.
  16. May 18, 2010 #15

    I believe you will die 1001 deaths in the rain forest before said rain forest has any chance to be chopped down by technology :P

    Have fun coping with malaria, infected wounds, venomous snakes and insects, predators who will eat you like a insignificant snack, building a shelter, hunting for food, and other such mundane activities.
  17. May 18, 2010 #16
    Eh if monkeys can take it so could I.
  18. May 18, 2010 #17
    Sure magpies. As you say.
  19. May 18, 2010 #18
    Whats so hard about living in a rain forest anyhow? Just climb a fig tree and your good to go...
  20. May 18, 2010 #19


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    Rain forests don't have much food that can be eaten by humans. That's why the native inhabitants eat anything they can, insects, rodents, reptiles.
  21. May 18, 2010 #20
    Thouse can all be eaten by humans...
  22. May 18, 2010 #21


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    Humans may be eaten by Martians too :wink:.

    So what brought about this desire to leave the planet?
  23. May 18, 2010 #22
    Eh I don't really want to but this oil spill bs is kinda making me rethink that...

    I mean like I understand that accidents happen even stupid ones. But this problem shouldnt be that hard to fix. The part that really got me going was when they said they were going to burn it and I thought it was an ok idea to deal with the problem. Then I found out they only burned small a few patchs and put containment stuff around it so the fire wouldn't spread... It's like wheres it going to spread to when it's in the ocean... I would have carpet bombed as soon as it started to become almost state sized... Now we can basically consider the oceans dead for the next hunder years or so. Heck I still think they should just burn it even now that some of it is on land. I'll take a few forest fires or what ever over dead oceans.
  24. May 18, 2010 #23
    I think they spin magnets too.

    There's no assurance that we can eat them or that they can eat us. In fact there's a 50-50 chance ther're inedible. Proteins on earth (amino acids actually) are handed. If you try to eat opposite-handed meat it is indigestible and might actually give you mad cow disease (prions are proteins and smaller which are flipped the wrong way.)
  25. May 19, 2010 #24
    What's wrong with spinning magnets? That's about the weirdest complaint about the human race I've ever heard.
  26. May 19, 2010 #25
    I just saw a bunch of reruns of My Favorite Martian. Your plan is doomed.
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