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Document expired - remedies via Firefox?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    It's irritating to compose a long reply to post and then get a "Document expired" message when you try to preview it. Usually all your message is lost after that. I assume this is a feature of forum that can't be fixed.

    is there a clever way to recover the message in Firefox by hunting through cached pages? I don't see any way to use the normal navigation available to do this.
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    When logging in, you should click the "Remember Me" button. That way, you won't get logged out.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Thank you that advice!
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    Try to "refresh" the page, I know that usually works in IE, don't know if FF has that capability.
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    I usually just click the "preview" button periodically.
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    It does. If e.g. the preview page doesn't load properly because of a connection issue, all you have to do is to refresh it (and agree to resend the information). There was a time when I somehow managed to try to make a post just when the backup started almost every day, so I've had to do this a lot.

    But "remember me" needs to be checked (and cookies allowed, but since they are by default, that's usually not a concern). Without that, you get logged out, and then I think you're screwed.
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