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Does 2 spring @ 30 degrees = 1 @ 90?

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    Let's say you have 2 identical springs

    Let's say lenght = 1m
    Spring constant = 0.5

    You attach each spring to the ceiling and a mass. The springs make a 30 degree angle with the ceiling. Basically the system forms a triangle...

    Is it OK to say that the effective spring constant of the system is equal to the spring constant of one spring, since 2*sin(30) = 1?
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    effective constant,,,for how long? I mean, as soon as you move a bit, that 30 degree angle is not going to be there...

    ...the truth is that I have not look into it, just yet, I figure I shoot you back a quick reply to make you think about your own statement, for now.
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    Yes, I think this is correct... for the vertical spring constant, in a small neighbourhood around the equilibrium.

    Horizontally it is different, and it will change as the end moves, as gsal mentioned.
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    for two springs connected in a series, the effective spring constant K is given by-
    in parallel -
    this is a question of parallel connection so accordingly use the right expression.
    (note this is righty the opposite to series and parallel connections of resistors as in electricity)
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