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Does anyone actually know a Satanist?

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    COuld some one exsplain to me what this religion dose? I know that they mostly accept what the bible says but they worship the devil.
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    i think you watch too many movies. generally anyway, satanists believe the bible is simply a book written by men and they do not believe in god or the devil; rather, we are each our own god. personally, i disagree with that logic but i don't really hold much ill will towards satanists because i see much of the same mentality in people who claim to be Christian, Jewish or whatever yet really only use that as a guise for acting in their own self-interests; at least satanists are straightforward about what they do in that sense. as i explained in the old forums, satanism is basically just the worlds oldest pyramid scheme; practitioners use whatever means they can to manipulate others into raising themselves towards the position of god, essentially mimicking lucifer in the bible.

    also, to illustrate the mentality of satanism and how it applies to more than just satanists by far; here is some comments from the high priest of the church of satan in reference to 9/11:


    also there are some inteviews and lots of other information on their website:

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    Re: Santanists

    Hypo man! Hypo! Or, would that be Typo! Wouldn't that be like any other "Fix"-ation? ...
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    Re: Santanists

    Yeah, Santana rules!

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    Does anyone actually know a Satanist?
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    Could a satanist just be someone who believes in the existence of Satan?
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    Stephanie, i went to school with a few who actually practiced satanic teachings directly, and some vampire cultists and such as well which is similar. also i have read a fair share of their literature, which is why i feel confident in stating my opinions on the philosophy.

    plus, as i said above, most self proclaimed satanists simply consider satan to be a metaphor and not something that actually exists; however i do find a lot of Bible beaters who do swear satan is real to be rather satanic themselves. ever seen "Childern of the Corn"? :wink:
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    Lucifer is the opportunist. Satan is the lie. And the Devil is evil. And what do you get? LSD! LSD!
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    Re: Santanists

    Satanists worship satin sheets.
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    no no you've all gotten it all wrong

    See, look at the thread title again:

    While I've never had a direct contact with this group, I believe they are the group who worships Santa. They sacrifice a reindeer 6 times a year to keep the ole guy happy and listen to music at double speed.

    hehe, sorry, had to point it out though.
  12. Apr 28, 2003 #11
    Jingle jingle

    Ah, so that's why the song says this:

    You better watch out
    You better not pout
    You better not cry
    I'm telling you why
    Satan's claws are
    Comin' to town.
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    Re: no no you've all gotten it all wrong

    No, no. It's all about Santana. That's why we all like good guitar players so much. We all have an innate predisposition towards the characteristics of the Supreme Overlord.
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    (long and drawn out) ohhhh, I get it.

    Satanist is usually a step closer towards being independant of a imaginary belief system. I've know a few people who practiced it, and eventually most of them convert to some other religion.
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    I do know that the Daughters of the Eastern Star logo is an upside down pentacle... so the point that is usually at the top is the beard of a goat and the two points usually on the bottom are on top and represent the horns of the goat...

    Some of those D.O.E.S. are real Black Magic Women... as nice as your grandmother (if she is)... they'll bake ya fifty brownies for a buck... real nice... you know, knitting and smiling all the time... not much to do with Satin... besides... you can't knit satin.

    They are some very hard working vollunteers.
  16. Apr 30, 2003 #15
    My understanding of satanism is that it is a real belief system based mostly on the reality of drug induced impressions, especially visual and audio hallucinations. My guess is when you really start hearing voices and seeing demons it becomes rather compelling.

    I came to this opinion through common sense and my perception of a relationship between satanism and drugs. Do with it what you will.
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    I've known of satanist who were totally against taking mind altering drugs.

    And I've also known christian who justify there weed habit by reciting the line from genesis:

    "And I give you all the fruit bearing plants to use for food and medicine"

    I don't promise complete accuracy, but close enough.
  18. May 2, 2003 #17
    My own view is that a suspiciously large percentage of satanists also seem to be the sort of people to take drugs. I think drug taking is actually a part of some religions, where science still hasn't taken the 'magic' out of 'magic mushrooms'.

    I understand what you are saying about christians taking drugs. This is certainly true, I have met people like that. Who was this satanist who taught people not to take drugs?
  19. May 6, 2003 #18
    I was a Satanist. :smile:
  20. May 10, 2003 #19
    What are you now, ML, if you don't mind my asking.
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