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Does energy barely leave the sphere?

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    ive just found ou that ke (translation) + ke (rotational) = Potetntial

    i.e • ½ I *angular speed(squared) + 1/2mv(squared) = mgh

    is ther anything else i can derive from this. as that is all basically ive written, and that , This proves that hardly any energy is lost, with an average of less than 0.000001738% loss of energy, it shows that the energy does not leave the sphere
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    you have to be more specific... like perhaps tell us the question... because im not sure from where u got that percentage
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    its a ball bearing rolling down a slope, and then released at different distances
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    Why should energy be lost from sphere? The equation shows energy in the sphere is conserved. As stunner was stunned, even I am stunned with the percentage of energy loss you gave. An ideal ball bearing, which is an ideal sphere will never lose an energy.
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