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B Does Quantum Immortality really mean we are immortal?

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    So the quantum suicide experiment says that if there is a 50-50 chance of you dying, lets say by a gun shot to the face (like Schrodinger's cat). You die in one universe, but survive in the other. Lets say the gun shoots and you die, does your conciousness shift to the one where you are alive, so you keep living? Or, do you just stay dead if you are in the universe where you die?
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    The quantum suicide thought experiment is just an experiment. The outcome depends on the interpretation. The outcome you mention is the one given by the Many - Worlds interpretation i.e. for each possible outcome of any given action, the universe splits to accommodate each one. In Copenhagen interpretation for instance the experiment does not work.
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    Quantum immortality is predicated on the assumption that you will never be unconscious because as long as one of your copies is conscious, you will be that copy.

    I have been unconscious before, and so have you. In fact, we do it just about every night. Therefore, quantum immortality is experimentally falsified.
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    So it is falsifiable to some degree?

    Even if it could happen, would the death have to be a quantum death (caused by a quantum particle, like the thought experiment) or by any death (car accident, drowning, disease etc.)
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    In my opinion, this is not physics.
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    This statement would need references to back it up; no acceptable sources have appeared in this thread. (If you happen to have an acceptable reference--textbook or peer-reviewed paper--please PM me since this thread is being closed.)

    Agreed. At best, discussion of this topic would need to be based on a specific acceptable source--a textbook or peer-reviewed paper. Even then, it's not clear that there is much that can be usefully said.

    Thread closed.
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