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Does the equation editor in MSWord2007 suck?

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    Or do I just need to work at getting used to it?

    Is there a third option to using the new editor or using Equation Editor 3.0?
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    It isn't the best, but it is entirely adequate. Yes, it takes some getting used to.

    Other options? You might look in to 'MathCad', if you need to do lots of reports with embedded equations. MathCad has the advantage of including live links to the mathematical 'guts' of the program inside the report editor, so you can change input values and the report updates all the calculations automatically.
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    I thought 2007 version looks better than the old one, I like that I can type stuffs like x^2 or a_2 and it will convert it, instead of having to click for the boxes to insert the power and subscript etc. Of course nothing beats good old LaTeX :P
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    It does take some getting used to, but a couple of disadvantages are that you can't change the font (you're stuck with Cambria Math) and you can't use it anywhere besides Word -- like PowerPoint, etc. It's true that you can copy an equation from Word and paste it into PPT or elsewhere, but it pastes as a crappy-looking low-resolution, uneditable image rather than a nice-looking equation that you can edit if you want.

    Other options? There are several, MathType being one. MathType lets you type LaTeX directly into Word, and convert it into a graphical equation with the shortcut Alt+\.
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    yeah. I can't figure out how to type a greek letter.

    2007 supports equation editor 3.0. To get it started you just have to copy an existing equation created with 3.0. I'm just going to live with that until I can't use it anymore.

    Thanks for your views.
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    Actually you can get to Equation Editor 3 by clicking on the Insert tab, then click on Object (it's in the Text group). "Microsoft Equation" is listed there.
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