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Does the Higgs field mean that space has energy?

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    I have been watching a few explanations of the Higgs boson/ Higgs field. From what I can understand is that all space if filled with a sea of Higgs bosons which create the Higgs field. Is the Higgs field a property of space and does it give space energy? As more space is created with the expansion of the universe does that not require energy to create the Higgs field, where does that come from?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    The best place to find out about Higgs is probably the CERN website.
    ... apart, that is, from actually doing an post-grad physics course.

    Basically it does not mean that space has energy in the way you are thinking: remember that all new theories also have to explain the old ones.
    Note: when you have been watching something and want to comment on it - please tell us what you have been watching. If it is online, please provide a link. Otherwise we don't have the context for your comments so it is difficult to know how best to respond.
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    Thank you for taking the trouble to point me in the right direction.
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