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Does this model of the casimir effect extracting energy have flaws?

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    I'm doing a project in thermodynamics and after seeing the movie "atlas shrugged" tryed determining a method to convert the casimir effect into usable energy.

    My system would have a rotating drum inside of a cylinder, with plates on the sides of the drum and the cylinder. The normal function of this system would be to produce heat and pump the water. I would expect each time the plates pass close to each other, they would become magnetized due to the casimir effect. This would cuase the plates to heat up due to the magnetocaloric effect. When the plates move away from each other, they would cool down due the magnetocaloric effect, making the heat produced essentially null. However, the plates would not normally completely demagnetize, yet the heat from the water will cuase it to lose hysteresis. This loss in hysterisis should produce extra heat in the system. This cycle should completely turn the energy stored from the casimir effect, to heat due to the magnetocaloric effect.

    I'm very skeptical this system would produce much heat, but I saw this video on youtube and it seams to be the exact same system, in which he claims, produces more heat. Can anybody tell me whats wrong with this system?

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    Yes. Nothing you wrote is correct. It's a string of scientific words placed together in a seemingly random order. Thread closed.
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