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Doing a theoretical physics degree from home UK only please

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    Is there any point in doing a theoretical/astrophysics degree from home, even if you are able to achieve exceptionally good grades, what about people who are agoraphobic and can't get to a uni?
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    What do you plan on doing with the degree? No matter how good your grades are, employers aren't going to hire someone who's not going to show up.
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    i know what your saying at the moment it is doing the degree itself obviously and i would like to go down the phd route and do research. I'm not actually agoraphobic but i was wondering what happens to those who are if they just deal with not having an education. I have an ill family member who i look after all the time so can't leave the house for the next few years for hours at a time. But in 2 years when my brother has finished his degree he will be taking over in the care.
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    Have you looked into the Open University? They are probably your best bet, and they will go out of their way to provide help for people in special circumstances.
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    Thank you! yes i have just worried it will be seen as a 'lesser' degree if you understand what i mean?

    But the OU have been more than helpful and do have an astrophysics degree
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