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Homework Help: Donut Dynamics Problem

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    Ted pulls a 0.125g doughnut with force 5.0N[E], Ahmad pulls with a force of 4.0N[N], and Alysha pulls with a force of 6.0N[NW].

    Find the net force on the doughnut and find the acceleration of the wagon.

    Answers: 8.3N[N 5.2* E], 66m/s^2 [N5.2*E]

    Ok.. so I am not sure how to get the answers and especially the 5.2 degrees..
    I am guessing that the "NW" stated in the question is.. to say 45degrees? Bleh, please help.
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    NW means 45 degrees.
    Now resolve the vector pointing NW along x and y axis.
    Then find net x and y components and then the resultant.
    The angle between resultant and the x-axis is given by
    tanθ = Net Fy/Net Fx
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