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Double slit experiment target

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    Hi! :smile:
    I’m new here and enjoying it very much.
    In the double slit experiment; what causes the fired electron to change from being in a wave configuration, back to a particle configuration when it strikes the target?
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    The electron is neither in a particle state, nor a wave configuration, until it is observed. If you try to observe the electron while it is in flight:

    1) Trying to observe the electron as a particle will measure that the electron is a particle, hence no interference pattern.
    2) Trying to observe the electron as a wave will measure that the electron is a wave, hence we get an interference pattern.

    Don't you just :!!) how much confusion this simple experiment can generate?


    Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am presuming that we are observing the electron at one of the slits.
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    I think he meant when the elctron strikes the detector. Let's assume that's the case.

    This a crazy thing man: the wavefunction never collapses if you didn't ascertain which slit the particle went through! The electron exhibits particle behaviour, having struck at a point, and yet over many electron observations you can only explain *where* the electron hit if that same electron *upon striking the the target* is also exhibiting wavelike properties!

    So the answer to your question is that the change in "configuration" never happens unless you ascertain which slit the electron must have gone through.
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    I think my brain has started leaking out of my ears. The quantum world, we don't really understand it but we'll be damned if we'll admit it :wink:
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    On the contrary, the Copenhagen interpretation is based precisely on this admission.

    Sorry about extending a profitless thread, Zapper, but I couldn't resist.:redface:
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