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Homework Help: Dyn Transformer voltage drop

  1. Jan 29, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    A 3MVA 11kV/415V 3 Phase Transformer has the following parameters
    +ve sequence resistance = 0.00355pu
    +ve sequence reactance = 0.0901pu

    Primary PHASE current to the transformer is 55A and the load power factor on secondary is 0.85 lagging. Calculate voltage Drop

    The attempt at a solution

    R = 0.00355pu = 0.355%
    X = 0.0901pu = 9.01%

    Secondary current (star so line and phase current will be same) = 55 * 11000/415 = 1457.83A

    R(ohms) = (10*%R*kVsecondary2)/Txfr kVA = (10*0.3555*0.4152)/3000 = 0.0002038Ω

    X(ohms) = (10*%X*kVsecondary2)/kVA = (10*9.01*0.4152)/3000 = 0.0051725Ω

    Φ = cos^-1(0.85) = 31.788°

    Volt Drop = Sqrt(3) * 1457.83 * (0.0002038*0.85 + 0.0051725*sin(31.788)) = 7.32V

    Does this mean that the voltage to the load will be 415-7.32 = 407.68V?? This is the bit I would like confirming if the remainder of the calculations happen to be correct?

    Thank you :)
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