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Dynamic Mechanics Textbook?

  1. May 9, 2015 #1
    Can anyone make a recommendation on a good first course book on Dynamic Mechanics? I have a good background in calculus (1,2,3,ODE's,PDE's), linear algebra and statics (up to and including bending/shear moment diagrams etc.). So anything that makes use of those maths and sciences would be awesome.

    I tend to learn on my own, I prefer having a good textbook. Just unsure where to start with this discipline.

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    This book looks interesting to me: Williams - Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics.

    It's an MIT book that claims to be, this is a paraphrase, "not unreadably difficult and not full of special cases without structure to bind them". I assume by unreadably difficult he means a book like Greenwood. And I think he means to fill the gap between those two extremes.

    He splits the questions into types 1,2,3, claiming that the type 2's form the meat of the book and "treat common or familiar problems in novel ways", while the type 1's "justify my claim that this can be used for a first course".
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    Thanks all.
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