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Homework Help: E = 2.71828182846

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    alright... so what is e? I'm doing all this fun stuff integrating and deriving things with e in them to find weird stuff... the homework isn't too bad...

    but what the heck is e?

    I know what number it stands for... but where do we get it from and what does it mean?
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    The limit of the sequence:
    [tex] (1+\frac{1}{n})^{n} [/tex]

    It is very useful and especially the exponential function built with it.The latter has the property that the rate of growth (i.e. the derivative) is always proportional to the function.Economics and banking are depending upon epxonential function.Science in general...

    Physics is written with the exponential.

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    thanks...thats really cool, I left my ti-89 at school, but when i get it again, i'll plug that into it and see if it gives me e....

    that is really cool...

    one more question...

    why did you say Daniel at the very end of your post?
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    :smile: Because that's my name?? :smile:


    PS.It's like a letter.You have to sign.Besides,the username is different from the name itself.
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