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Easier riding a bike

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    what wind has more force the wind of you standing on top of a car doing 200mph or you standing still and a 200mph wind hitting you?
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    In both cases, the wind feels the same on your skin, so it is hitting you with the same force.
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    i want to add to my question to get further answers. the question started when my friend said he has been in 100mph winds. being he exaggerates often i said you probably haven't been in 100mph. He said yes I have, i drove 100mph on my motorcycle.
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    Ah, yes, the feeling of 100mph wind on your face is indeed the same wether you're riding your hog in sunny weather, or holding on for dear life in a storm.
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    Huh? Windscreen? No, I was talking about only the feeling on your face. The rest of the body, windscreen or no, is irrelevant. In any cast, problem solved, so let's lock it up. :smile:
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    I wear a full face helmet, (also ear plugs to reduce wind noise), when I ride a motorcycle. Considering head height is almost as high as a SUV, speeds on a motorcycle appear to be lower than in a car. 100mph or faster wouldn't be too fun if your face was exposed.
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    Well, the point is that the air in the envelope of a moving motorcycle, even where your face is, is possibly significantly less than 100mph relative to you.

    A 100mph wind OTOH, would be truly 100mph.
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    True, but this is negligible and I don't think it's the question being addressed.
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    I don't think it is negligible, and I do think it's the question being addressed, as per post #3, in which the OP explains the circumstances under which the question has been raised.
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