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Education is important

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    I consider it important, but I would not like such importance is abused for different purposes than educating one to be a good human for a small community, at least and education costs too much. I would like to decline and completely quit "high" school. If I turn out to be your problem, then you should overcome it yourself instead of building a fence around you.
    What I think is "fine" to you ? Your opinions please
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    uhm.... what?
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    You sound like my daughter. You shouldn't limit your choices in life at such a young age.
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    I'm struggling to understand what you are saying here. Are you trying to say that education is important unless it somehow prevents you from being a good person specifically in a small community?

    And that you believe that your high school education is preventing you from being a good person in your small community? Following on you think that people will have a problem with you if you do drop out of high school?

    It is incredibly difficult to determine what you mean, I respect that English may not be your first language but please take care when writing to make sure you are being as clear as possible.
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    It seems that you think that education might make you a bad person. Why do you think this is the case?

    I didn't get the "building the fence"-part, though...
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    It's PF's most notorious crackpot sockpuppet, he has maybe over 1,000 banned sockpuppets so far. I didn't just want to have your posts disappear without an explanation.
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