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EE with low GPA

  1. Jun 18, 2014 #1
    Hi all,

    I am enrolled in the BSEE program at NJIT with a 2.65 GPA. I will probably be improving this rating in the Summer and Fall. Yet, it might be just a little above a 3.0. One of the reasons for a low GPA is that I work full time while studying full time (averaging 17 credits per semester). The second is that I completed my first 2 years at a county college; the first two years is made up of easier courses which would have boosted my scores. My low GPA only represents my average for the harder courses since the GPA is reset once you transfer. I want to know how I can improve my chances of landing an internship in the Power industry. Once my GPA reaches a 3.0 I plan on enrolling the accelerated B.S/M.S EE power program in my school.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

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    A higher GPA always helps get past the initial screening process. For an internship you might also want to network around looking for people who run the programs where you want to go. I'm sure your work ethic can help land you a position but the networking can get you past the first screening of applicants especially if they like you or notice your drive.
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