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Electric charge quantization

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    This is why electric charge is quantized.

    See the zip-file if this word-doc

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    Hey Marlon !

    this is not a short way to the quantiziation. I don't see the point here.
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    this is meant as an answer for the question posted in the research-branch of this forum. But there i cannot post attachements

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    Urs Schreiber has put up a comprehensive explanation on sci.physics.research.
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    There are other ways of obtaining charge quantization. In Kaluza-Klien Theory it comes naturally, since the curled up dimension has discrete momentum values (this is basically the particle in a ring problem), and the momentum component in the fifth dimension is charge. In many GUTs it comes about because the lie algebra requires it, in the same way that the lie algebra of SU(2) requires that angular momentum be quantized.
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    yes i know, copying is not to difficult though

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