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(Electric) Circuit simulation software for blood flow model

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    Hey guys!

    I am working on a simulation of a brain blood flow model. Instead of programming something on my own, I wanted to check first whether there are any electric circuit programs that could do the job. I am using the flow-circuit/electric circuit analogy:

    I have drawn the required circuit using EAGLE (see attachment and imagine a connection between the large artery on top and the large vein on the bottom with a battery/heart=pump in between).

    I am now wondering whether there is any electric circuit simulation program (or even water flow program) out there that is able to do the following calculation:

    Input (given):
    - initial (artery) and final (vein) potential (pressure)
    - given or better in GUI changeable constant resistances in the wires between wires (there is meant to be one resistor in each wire that connects two nodes, not drawn in the attached picture)

    Output (asked to calculate and display):
    - currents (flows) in wires
    - potentials (pressures) at all nodes.

    I hope this is the right part of the forum for such kind of questions. Thanks for your suggestions!


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