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Electric Circuits and Gadgets - Basics Please

  1. Jul 8, 2013 #1
    Electric Circuits and Gadgets -- Basics Please

    Well, when I lived in India, I remembered a neighbor whose occupation was creating little gadgets, such as watches, lasers, etc.

    I am now living in Pakistan, and missed the chance of asking the guy how he learned what he knew.

    I am curious to just basically learn what are the functions of basic hardware components that creates such hardware.

    Can anyone give me a runway of this field, and give me a sense of how different components come together to operate a gadget?

    I apologize if my English is not good, but it is not my first language and I am only 14 years old.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Your question is a bit overly broad -- too broad to be able to give a good answer, I believe. I'd suggest using wikipedia.org to look up different gadgets that you are interested in learning about, and then if you are confused about some specific issue, post your question here with a link to the reading you have been doing.

    The website HowStuffWorks.com may also be a good place for you to do some reading. My dad got hard copies of the HowStuffWorks books when I was about your age, and reading through those books was a huge help in forming my mental pictures of how things operate and how to build them... :smile:
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    I am quite baffled were to start. Thank you for the website references and the book recommendation.

    Can you please give me a few gadgets to explore?

    Because I remember when I first started learning physics with optics without having a solid idea of electrostatics--not so intuitive.

    Thank you in advance!
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    I think I'd just start browsing around the HowStuffWorks.com website, and check out some of the tabs on the main page like Autos, Science, etc.

    Here are a few fun things to learn about:





    ...and so on... :smile:
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    Thank you very, very much.
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