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Electric Field in the rotating wire frame

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    Myself and my friends fabricated an equipment for electrospinning- a process used used to produce nano fibers. The objective of the work is to get ordered arrangement of nanofibers(we referred a journal). But when it was put to test, it didnt work as expected:-(
    Please check out the collector setup. It is a copper wireframe which is more or less like a cylindrical parrot cage. It is capable of rotating at 20 rpm. Let me explain d process.
    The-ve terminal of a 20kv transformer is made to be in contact with the area mentioned in the photo and the positive lead is dipped in a polymer solution. The solution bcomes charged and due to very high electrostatic repulsion the solution breaks into very fine droplets and elongate and deposit on the collector.
    But in my case the solution did deposit as nanofibers but more than 60 percent of the solution gets wasted:(
    Please suggest how the electric field lines would exist for the rotating wire frame. and kindly suggest a suitable solution to correct the problem with electrical field:-)
    Thanks in advance:)

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    note the collector is placed at about 30 cms from syringe..
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