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Electric flux inside a conductor

  1. Feb 18, 2016 #1

    If we have a solid conductor with all of its charge on its surface, and we then enclose some its charge with a gaussian surface that goes inside the solid conductor, will the part of the gaussian surface within the conductor have any electric flux? My textbook says it will have zero electric flux since the electric field inside any conductor is zero, but I still find hard to accept this since the enclosed charge will have electric field pointing toward the inside of the solid conductor.I have attached an image of a situation for a thick uniformly, positively charged conducting plate.(note: I did not include the charges on the other sides of the plate)

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    Hi Ibraheem,

    If there would be a field inside the conductor, charges would simply move with that field until the field reaches a zero value. So the book is right: a conductor means no resistance means no field. In a way it is Ohm's law !
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