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Electric flux linked with spherical shell having a hole?

  1. May 8, 2015 #1
    How much electric flux linked with the spherical shell having a hole?(consider the charge is outside the shell)

    I knew the flux linked with spherical shell is zero.(because it is closed loop.)
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    Simon Bridge

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    What do you mean by "linked"?
    What sort of spherical shell - what are it's physical properties?

    Usually flux is through an area rather than linked to an object.

    The electric field inside a closed conducting shell is zero. Are you asking if there is an electric field inside a conducting shell that is not closed?
    The answer is "it depends".
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    If we take spherical shell and a point charge is outside the shell.
    Now the flux is passing through the shell.
    But the total flux is zero because the no. of field lines entering from one side is equals to the no. field leaving at the other end.

    So the entering flux is consider negative and leaving flux is consider positive then total flux is zero.

    Now you take spherical shell having a hole and charge is outside.
    So in this case,
    can flux be zero or not?
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    Simon Bridge

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    If you do not answer questions, I cannot help you.

    Note - flux in = flux out does not mean the total flux is zero.
    Flux is not something that is contained in a volume, it is something that passes through an area - like a current.
    When a river flows under a bridge, the current (flux of water) entering the bridge's shadow is the same as the current leaving the bridge's shadow, but that does not mean there is no current inside the bridge's shadow.

    I suspect you need to review your notes about what electric flux is and how it is related to the electric field.
  6. May 10, 2015 #5
    If there is a hole in the surface, then the flux can be anything.

    If you slice a hollow sphere in half and put one of the halves face down on a table, then a point charge placed on the same table would result in zero net flux through that surface. If you put the point charge directly below the surface, that would result in a nonzero flux.
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