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Homework Help: [Electrical Eng.] TRIAC & ISM research

  1. Jun 10, 2004 #1
    Hi There;

    I'm doing some research about triac and ISM (Industrail and Scientific and Medical radio band) but I really stuck.

    1- The Triac is specialised semiconductor device, research the following in connection with Triacs:

    e) The basic behavior of the device.
    f) Typical applications of the device.

    2-Give three typical contemporary applications of ISM bands explaining briefly the advantages that ISM operation provides.

    The only two I could find was Bluetooth & Wireless LAN

    I really appreciate any help or link to external websites.

    Ali :wink:


    E = \sqrt { \frac {1}{22} \times 12.44831} \longrightarrow E = 0.75

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