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Electrical Engineering BS to Aerospace Engineering MS

  1. Apr 23, 2015 #1
    Hello. Is this possible, or would I be missing out on a lot of groundwork? Any options?

    I'd like to work on anything involving space, like satellites and such.

    Thank you!?
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    Not to discourage you but if am being honest, it will be difficult. If you're smart enough (which I believe you are ;)), then it should be fine. The easiest part for you will definitely be the electronic side of aerospace, which is avionics if you join aeronautical engineering. All the best :).
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    I looked into doing that when I picked a masters program. It really depends on what you want to concentrate on. Even in aerospace engineering for a masters you can get a wide range of concentrations (fluids, controls, avionics, propulsion, structures, etc)

    as an electrical engineer, some of those you will have zero background in, others, like controls, you have all the prerecs required (at least in my case I did)
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