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Electrical vs. mechanical (engineering)

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    I just recently transferred to U of Calgary and I have one week left to choose which engineering discipline I want to go into. I've narrowed it down to EE and ME. I think I like both disciplines equally and I have a major interest in both. What do you guys think is the 'better' degree in terms of job opportunities, salary, quality of life, etc.? I will most likely be working in Calgary.

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    electrical engineering has a small advantage in pay, small advantage in job placement.

    The advantage is so small though that it doesn't warrant a pick over the other.

    Let me ask you this...what interests you more?

    Electricity or Hydraulics

    Switch boards or gear sets?

    24 volts? or 100 horse power?

    Would you rather change your own oil? or change out a factory cd player in your car?

    A mechanicl engineer at my job may get assigned a job such as "design a bracket and hydraulic system to support a ladder lift system"

    A electrical engineer at my job would than get assigned. "design a electrical circuit/switches/programmable logic controls to control the ladder lift system"

    A mechanical engineer can specialize in dynamic simulation and runs anaylsis at my job to determine if certain things can withstand forces/weight

    A electrical engineer can specialize in programming "PLC"...there is a guy at my job who makes it a fulltime job to program our electrical systems.
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