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Electro-mechanical oscillator confuses me

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    Hello, everybody!
    I got a homework that confuses me totally. Any help is highly appreciated:

    Here's the scenario :

    Which frequencies are possible on the assumption that we have a harmonic oscillation?
    The changing of the charge on the upper plate by q and the momentary elongation x should be considered.

    I think 'harmonic oscillation' means that we have
    and its derivations as a solution for a differential equation but I can't find an accurate

    the springs are made of isulating material.
    I forgot to mention that we have a DC voltage, so the resistance of the capacitor is infinite. In contrast to a AC voltage it has no impendance. As a consequence of that we have a mechanical oscillation - not an electric one.
    It must look like this:
    m*s'' + k*s = E*q

    The electric field strengh E and the carge q must be replced by given parameters whereas the charge on the upper plate is influenced by the coil - especially because of self-induction that hampers the charging on the plate.
    That's all I can say. My problem is the right equation for the oscillation.
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    well, the natural frequency of oscillation doesn't depend on the driver.

    But even after the capacitor is fully charged, to the DC Voltage,
    the Energy stored in the inductor's B-feld will continue I flow.
    After Voltage overshoots V_DC , oscillation w~ sqrt(LC) damps to V_DC.

    Presume small oscillations, and small separation, so Q_bottom = - Q_top.
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