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Electromagnetic muscles? Practical?

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    Here's my idea for a robotics actuator resembling a muscle. Lots of tiny electromagnets closely packed attracting each other to flex an artificial muscle.

    It seems like such an obvious idea, why isn't anyone using it?
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    Various ideas along these lines have been tried, some successfully. But it is hard to beat a simple solenoid for power to weight ratio. The circular form of a solenoid (an electric motor) is better still.

    Keep thinking. Someone needs to invent new things. :oldeyes:
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    Well I hate to say this but probably for the same reason we are not using warp drives for spaceships. We have not developed the technology to do it. Sorry, I just thought your question was worded strangely.
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    Thank you for the help everyone. Last I checked electroactive polymers still require a lot of research into how they function, but I'm definitely interested in them.
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