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Homework Help: Electromagnetic radiation and Canadian Light Source

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    Please help me answer these questions~~~thank you~~

    In October, 2004, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) was officially opened. This device is a synchrotron. It produces electromagnetic radiation that can be used to probe the structure of materials.
    1. Explain how electric and magnetic fields are employed to move electrons in the CLS.
    2. Why do the electrons produce electromagnetic radiation?
    3. Does relativity theory need to be incorporated into the design of the CLS?
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    Andrew Mason

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    I am quite familiar with the CLS. It is a great facility. Have a read through the CLS website:
    http://www.lightsource.ca/education/whatis.php [Broken]

    1. Electric fields accelerate the electrons to very high speeds. Magnetic fields bend and wiggle them so that they give off radiation.

    2. Electrons produce em radiation because they pass by strong magnetic fields that cause them to accelerate and give off radiation - essentially the same way that oscillators in a radio antenna give off radiation by causing electrons to accelerate, only the CLS does it with much more energy.

    3. Relativity theory needs to be incorporated into the CLS because in order to get high intensity and highly directional radiation, you need to have very energetic electrons travelling almost at the speed of light. It is not just the energy. The highly directional nature of the radiation is only possible due to extreme time dilation resulting from such extraordinary speeds.

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