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Electromagnetic Waves (Experiment)

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    I have about Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves. I'm looking for experiments related to this subject. I only found this (Hertz' experiment),
    But that is not detailed enough, my (high school/secondary school) teacher says, that I can't design that Hertz' transmitter, because I don't have its specific dimensions. But is that necessary?
    However I also thought about doing experiments like measuring the speed of electromagnetic radiation, or it's (wave) properties, like reflection and refraction. But I can't find anything about such experiments on the internet, and my school doesn't have any useful equipment to design such experiments.
    And if there are any other experiments about this subject, I would be happy to hear it.

    If I can't make the experiment, are there then any places, where I can get measurements from such experiments? Because if I can't do the experiment, I'm allowed to use other peoples measurements.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I found this link for you, but I'm not sure if it really helps.
    It shows the equipment your are looking, but no prices are listed.
    You may be able to get the build specifications from them if you ask.
    That way you can to build your own.

    http://www.sea.co.th/seaweb/laboratoryexperimentsphysics.htm [Broken]
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    I recommend you study the theory first. If you don't know that, chances are you won't know what you're doing, so the experiments are useless.
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