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Homework Help: Electromagnetissm 2

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    You are using a transformer with 800 loops in the primary and 80 loops in the secondary . if the transformer is plugged in to a 120 v outlet and protected by 15 a cb what is the maximum power rating of an application that could be used ?
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    Please show what you have done.
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    The whole idea of me posting this is to get help .... ?
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    Well, then you have misunderstood what PF is about.
    Did you read the guidelines?
    We do NOT do your homework for you!
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    So some of the work you could show us to get the ball rolling....

    -- Given that turns ratio, what is the secondary voltage? Is it in Vpp or Vrms?

    -- Is the fuse usually put in series with the primary or secondary winding? Why?

    -- Given the fuse value (what's CB by the way?), what maximum current, voltage and power is possible?
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