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Electron in magnetic field and photon emission (decay time -orientation dependent?)

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    So i was watching Susskind lectures on entanglements
    and there he mention decay (electron in magnetic field emits a photon whit certain probability )

    That made me wonder :
    1. How long you have to wait for emission to occur ? (for probability of 1/2 )
    2. Dose decay time depend on spin orientation ? ( kinda like probability of photon emission depends on spin orientation)
    3. In witch direction is photon emitted ?
    4 How do you detect that photon ?

    It will be awesome if you can provide links for some of those experiments/data :D

    + random fun question
    hypothetically speaking how much electron decaying in magnetic field ( with probability of 1 ) will it take to create 6kW laser like beam :D :D :D
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    Re: Electron in magnetic field and photon emission (decay time -orientation dependent

    2. is easy. The answer is no. The probability of emission does depend on the prepared orientation, but since

    (1) the electron is then in a specific superimposition of the up state and the down state w.r.t. the magnetic field and
    (2) the down state does not decay at all

    the decay time constant is the same as for the pure up state.
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